the product design tool for the day after launch

On day 2, the never-ending task of updating design files begins. Or you have to use Git, command line, & friends just to make minor edits.

Use mod&dot to skip all that busy work and design right on top of the live site.

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Step 1

install the browser extension &
go wild making changes

Edit any website right in DevTools. All your changes are tracked by our DevTools extension.

screenshot of the mod&dot devtools extension

Step 2

publish your changes in 1 click

Share a link where everyone can view before & after versions of the webpage.

screenshot of the mod&dot web app

Step 3

see what changed

Includes a detailed diff view so developers know exactly what code changed and can use it to begin implementation.

screenshot of the mod&dot web app code diff

Step 4

invite anyone to comment

Anyone can add comment dots on top of a webpage without DevTools or the extension. Hi there, clients! Come on in, marketing department!

screenshot of the mod&dot web app comments area

coming soon, by invite only.

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A modern design workflow for the ever-changing web.

Some ways you could use Mod&Dot:

Provide design direction during implementation

Get client feedback right on top of a webpage

Prototype & explore new design directions for existing sites

Send a friend ideas for improving their web design or content

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Mod&Dot is an early prototype. If you want to see it launch, show your support and sign up below. If there's enough interest, I'll build it.

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