Fine-tune your design during development

Mod&Dot turns DevTools into a rapid design collaboration tool. Tackle implementation surprises. Ensure design consistency. For designers, coders, and product teams.

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Rethink your implementation workflow.

No more sending red-lined screenshots or updating old mockups. No more messy pull requests from well-meaning designers. Mod&Dot is your most powerful post-launch design and collaboration tool.

Now every designer is a unicorn.

With Mod&Dot, designers don't have to know Git or advanced coding to work on a feature after it's gone live—basic html & css are more than enough. Mod&Dot lets you work right in DevTools, so you can hack things apart, experiment, and focus on the design instead of code quality.

Design the way you've always wanted to—right in DevTools.

You're finally free to explore ideas in DevTools. Mod&Dot adds the features to DevTools you always wished for:

  • Track all HTML & CSS changes from DevTools
  • Save & reapply changes if you refresh or close the page
  • Take before & after screenshots automatically
  • View a code diff of all HTML & CSS changes
  • View original line numbers from CSS preprocessors
  • Comment & discuss on top of the edited page

How It Works

1. Save DevTools Edits

Modify a website in DevTools. The Mod&Dot Chrome extension saves your edits, both html & css.

2. Publish a Project Link

When you're done editing, publish to a private link to share with your team. Mod&Dot takes before & after screenshots.

3. Share & Discuss

Your team opens the project link to see your edits. Anyone with the link can add comment dots on top of the design.

4. See What Changed

Includes a code diff view so developers know exactly what changed and can use it during implementation.

Countless new
ways to make
better design.

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