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All plans include unlimited reviewers & views, the Chrome browser extension, and email support.


Only people who need to create new projects (record website edits) need to be added to an account as a user. Everyone else is free.

Anyone you share a project link with can view it and add comments. They can sign up or comment anonymously. Every plan includes unlimited 'reviewers' and 'views'.

When you add a user to a team/org account, they can create new projects and invite other users that count towards the account's limits.

The account owner always counts as the first user.

Read more about team workspaces & sharing here.

When you use the Mod&Dot browser extension to record changes to a web page, then hit the "publish" button, you create a project.

A project stores your code edits, before & after screenshots of the page, comment threads, the page url, the date it was edited, who edited it, and other basic information.

Every plan has a limit about how many projects you can store at once, but you can delete projects anytime to free up space.

Read more about plan limits here.

You don't need to know how to build websites from scratch, just enough HTML & CSS to accomplish the edits you want to make.

And, you actually don't need to know any coding whatsoever to get started. Mod&Dot provides a way to edit text without having to use the DevTools panel at all (it only needs to be open).

The amazing thing about browser DevTools is that it's risk-free. You can edit without worrying about breaking anything. So even if you're uncomfortable with code, it's a safe way to tinker and get started!

Of course, the more you know about HTML & CSS, the more advanced edits you'll be able to achieve in DevTools. However, to make simple edits to a web page using the Mod&Dot browser extension, you only need to know basic HTML & CSS and how to open DevTools (Mac: Command+Option+C, Windows: Control+Shift+C). Hey, look at that! You already learned something!

A credit card is not required to create your login information and open up Mod&Dot. That way, team account users can join quickly.

To start a free trial and begin publishing projects, a credit card is required after you log in. Every plan includes a 14-day free trial, and you can cancel anytime during your trial.